How to connect your iPhone to the TV with AirPlay, Fire TV, or Chromecast

“How do I connect my iPhone to the TV?” happens to be one of the most frequently asked questions by iPhone owners. Depending on which particular method you are interested in, it is very easy to connect the Apple iPhone to a TV – with or without a cable. In this article, we will show you the different possibilities to kick off your iPhone screen mirroring.

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There are several reasons why you would want to pair your iPhone to a TV. It could be that you would like to view all of the photos that you captured on your previous summer vacation (in 2019, sigh) on the big screen or simply to stream movies and TV series. But Apple’s smartphone can only be connected to the TV with the help of additional software and hardware. Without much further ado, we would like to introduce five different possibilities for you to explore.

Connect your iPhone and TV via AirPlay and Apple TV

My first choice to connect my iPhone to the TV in my living room is my Apple TV 2, which is the easiest method among all five possibilities. Apple’s ecosystem simply works, which is what makes it so appealing to many people. If you want to pair your iPhone with the TV, you don’t even need to own the latest Apple TV.

You will often find the older generation models available on Amazon – but they’re not cheap. Even the fourth-generation Apple TV costs around 150 bucks on Amazon. I would like to stress: It is not the cheapest way to connect your iPhone to the TV, although it can be considered as more worthwhile for those who would like to you who want to use Apple TV for Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming services.

Once your Apple TV is set up and ready to go, pairing it with your iPhone is easy:

Make sure that iPhone and Apple TV are registered on the same network
Swipe the iPhone from the top to the bottom
On the left is the option for “Screen Synchronisation”
Picking that, you will see Apple TV listed. Tap on Apple TV and the iPhone will be mirrored to the TV

The iPhone will find a connected Apple TV under Screen Synchronisation (“Bildschirmsynchronisierung”) / © NextPit
Connect your iPhone to TV via Amazon Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV is also suitable for pairing the iPhone to the television. But the mere presence of a Fire TV stick is not enough. In the Fire TV’s App Store, you can locate the app called “AirPlayMirror Receiver”, which you can try out for 15 minutes free-of-charge. And it’s worth it, because the app is ideal for viewing photos on TV, but not for streaming and playing videos. Image and sound can stutter or even hang, transforming the entertainment experience into a frustrating one. Give it a try – and if you like the app, you can buy the full version for around five bucks.

Connect your iPhone to the TV via Google Chromecast

If you already own a Google Chromecast device or are thinking about getting one, you can use Google’s streaming device to mirror the iPhone on your TV. The Chromecast 3 is available at Google for about 30 to 40 pounds/dollars. This is how you connect the iPhone to the TV via Chromecast:

Download the “Replica” app from the Apple App Store
The app searches for your Google Chromecast
Once the device is displayed, select it
Begin the screen mirroring
The iPhone screen now appears on the TV

(Do you know any alternative apps for Google’s Chromecast? Write it in the comments)

Connect your iPhone to the TV via cable

A very simple way to pair the iPhone with the television is to use a Lighting-to-HDMI cable. Apple’s own cable is expensive. If you don’t want to use an original cable from Apple, you can find other compatible cables for approximately 20 bucks on Amazon. Some of them are listed below:

In the next few days, I have decided to write down the most common iPhone problems and their solutions for you. Thereby I will focus on the problems and issues that appear throughout the course of my daily use. Do you have any problems or questions about your Apple device that I could create a guide to? Let me know in the comments or write me a message.

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